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“The SADDvocate” – a monthly n e-newsletter just for SADD advisors and students! This publication is packed full of tips and suggestions on making your chapter great! You’ll find SADD STRONG information, fundraising opportunities, campaign calendar, partner contests, leadership development, and scholarship opportunities. A must-have resource for SADD chapters across the country!
Now@SADDa newsletter by CEO Dawn Teixeira, highlighting how the Power of SADD is saving lives across the country, answering questions and conducting interviews with students, parents and experts in the field of youth health and safety. Now@SADD also highlights supporters and partners and offers unique opportunities to support the work of SADD and become involved in various aspects of the organization.
“ParentTeen Matters.”a monthly e-newsletter packed with important tips and information to keep parents informed and engaged with their teen and pre-teens. From how to start a conversation on a variety of sensitive subjects, to recognizing signs and symptoms of substance abuse and other potentially harmful issues facing teens to healthy lifestyle suggestions for the whole family.
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